Vaccine mandates are not worth civil unrest

The science is clear: vaccines work. The sociology is equally clear: vaccine mandates are creating civil unrest.

Thomas Brown
7 min readNov 7, 2021


Whatever your feelings about the danger of covid-19 and the efficacy of the measures developed to combat it, there is one undeniable fact that deserves to be recognized: A very large minority of people in nearly every western country stands in firm opposition to vaccine mandates.

Though press coverage has been scant, protests against covid-19 vaccine mandates have been occurring literally every week for several months in cities all around the world. And the people protesting are not easily placed into superficial political categories. These are not right-wing protests, nor left-wing. They are too widespread to be associated with any definable movement, except by parochially local partisan standards.

In Italy, for example, reported Politico, “Demonstrations against rules mandating vaccine status checks, or at least negative tests, have brought together a disparate alliance, stretching from anarchists and trade unionists to neo-fascists and ultra-conservative Catholic groups.”

The protests are in small cities and large, have been planned and been spontaneous, and while generally peaceful, outbreaks of violence are not uncommon at the protests and are increasing.

Switzerland has seen protests every week for several months, reported Le News. “Every Thursday there is an unauthorised protest and violence” said Reto Nause, the head of security in Bern, who “described the situation as out of control.” After 187,000 Swiss signed a petition to authorize it, a national referendum on the covid rules is scheduled for November.

There is no point in arguing with thousands of people packed into a city square. They are there for a reason, you can disagree with it, but whatever logic or evidence or…