North Korea’s new enemy: Free North Korea

The saga of the Hermit Kingdom gets weirder

In February of this year, the embassy for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in Madrid, Spain, was attacked. Ten men broke into the embassy, beat and interrogated the staff, and left with stolen computers, hard drives, flash drives, and cellphones. North Korea has a new enemy. A small and secretive group calling itself the “Provisional Government of Free Joseon (Free North Korea)” or Free Joseon, the culprits behind the embassy raid.

The Chollima Movement Statue in Pyongyang

What does Free Joseon want?

As the name implies, free North Korea is not only the title of the group, it is their mission statement, but much more than that, it is also their identity. Free Joseon have declared themselves to be the North Korean provisional government and “ the sole legitimate representative of the Korean people of the north. “ They seek to undermine the authority of the Kim regime and they have been actively doing so in a variety of ways.

How is Free Joseon connected to the United States?

The membership of Free Joseon is largely anonymous. Who is in the group, who is helping them, and their base of operations remain mostly unknown at this point. They state outright that Free Joseon and its members “have never received funding from foreign government agencies” but how they’re funded is also a mystery. Two of the members however, one American and one Mexican but both of Korean descent, are wanted by authorities in at least two countries and their identities have been released as part of ongoing investigations and prosecutions.

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