Democrats spent twice what Republicans did — they don’t have much to show for it

Either money isn’t as important as we thought in politics or Democrats are really bad at spending it

Votes are still being counted but even if the 2020 election isn’t quite over yet, the campaigns themselves are over. Yes, in many places lawyers are sharpening their teeth to contest results and election officials are preparing for recounts, but there are no voters to court, no mailers to design, no signs to wave. The algorithms in charge of our TV commercials and online-ads are already fazing out insane politics for inane products. It’s over.

More money has been spent to unseat Donald Trump than any political candidate in history. And it may still fail.

From small time state house races to the US Senate to the presidency, Democrats have been very successful. In fundraising that is. When it comes to winning, yesterday wasn’t that kind. Or at least, to put it another way: given what they had to work with, outspending their opponents 2-to-1, how the hell did Democrats not do better?

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