Observations from a remote worker

Decades of declining poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition, and more were all reversed last year.

China will never agree to an an investigation — which just distracts from our own failures in managing the pandemic

Public domain.

I tried to get to know the people trying to rob me

Courtesy YouTube/Scammer Payback. Indian phone scammers in their offices.

America’s “omnibus ballot” is an outlier among democracies and may be driving down voter participation

Contrary to what nearly every observer, and participant, of American elections says, America doesn’t really have low voter turnout. It does have relatively low voter registration and low institutional trust at the moment. We may be able to fix that by asking Americans to vote less, not more. Americans are…

America’s misinformed war on vaping is helping tobacco companies, increasing crime, and hurting public health.

Either money isn’t as important as we thought in politics or Democrats are really bad at spending it

Votes are still being counted but even if the 2020 election isn’t quite over yet, the campaigns themselves are over. Yes, in many places lawyers are sharpening their teeth to contest results and election officials are preparing for recounts, but there are no voters to court, no mailers to design…

Alaska’s polling difficulties have not been overcome — be careful in trusting polls that paint the state purple.

A view of the Chugach Mountains from inside Anchorage.

Wikimedia Commons

Thomas Brown

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